Thursday, December 15, 2016

PHONE CALL FROM SCAMMER!.... By Fadzlina Rahman

Hi all! 

I have experiencing a very BAD EXPERIENCE which I have received a phone call from scammer! Its sound so real... The stories created looks real also.

Thanks God that nothing happened to me & a police report has been lodged for police's further action....

Things happened on 14/12/2016

Please beware of these numbers:

03 - 76268899 -> Hong Leong Bank.
Scammer : Roslan b. Fauzi (staff no. 18823)

03 - 21460522 -> IPK KL
Scammer #1 :  Sarjan Ahmad
Scammer #2 : IO Lin (Police Number : I31447)

Yesterday - on 15/12/2016,

Another stories experienced by my husband. He has been contacted by Balai Polis Bukit Aman by using this number 03 - 22662222.

OMG... Please take extra cautious my friend! Somebody has "hacked" those numbers!

See who is calling and block unwanted calls

I will share my stories on the next entry....


  1. Dear Fazlina,
    I just received a similar call. first from HL and then from that "Sarjan Ahmad". Before i read you blog, i thought of going to IPK KL to do a report on what had happen. What did you do next? Please share.

  2. btw, that call from Hong Leong was from Nur Azura, staff id: 17216. so there are few people behind this. And where did you make your police report Fazlina? at IPK KL?

    1. hi ida... is advisable for you to lodge police report. Any branches also can.
      Agree... a few people are involve in this syndicate.

  3. Mine was in 2012. I did report. The police just said it was difficuit to track them. No wonder this scam had been around since end of 1990's...

    1. Hi Jan... agreed with you. But, they have hacked police number. So sad for those who believe them.... :-(


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