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Hi everyone out there! Nice to see you again visiting my blog!... Thank you.... Thank you.... 

Today, I just wanna share with all of you the 5 foremost reason why I am choosing Premium Beautiful Business NOT another business even though there are many MLM & CONVENTIONAL business out there.

Tadaaaaaa!!!!! This is the Premium Beautiful that I have talking about.....  Beautiful isn't it? Not just beautiful but the material is so soft.... is just like you wear nothing.... oooopppppssss.... :-)

Love... Love... Love... Like... Like... Like...


Premium Beautiful is one of Hai-O's product.

Hai-O Enterprise Sdn Bhd. is one of the huge company in Malaysia and has been awarded with many award in Malaysia.

The most important is Hai-O have been developed in Malaysia for more than 30 years!!!!!

Hai-O Enterprise history:

1976 : in the field of traditional Chinese medicine and health products.
1996 : Listed on the Second Board of the KLSE
2007 : Listed on the First Board of KLSE
2008 until now : has produced more than 200 entrepreneurs in marketing quality products & have received recogniton Superbrand

So, why I must take a risk to choose new company to start my own business? Hai-O has been developed in 30 years my friend... not 30 days... not 30 months.... huhu...


1) Superbrands Award:

 Do you know that (source from

The aim of the Superbrands organisation is to raise the awareness of and promote the discipline of branding, as well as to celebrate the success of leading international and local brands.
Participation in Superbrands programmes is strictly by invitation only. Eligible brands are identified by an independent consumer survey or evaluated by an expert panel of marketing, advertising and branding professionals.
2) Quality Product

The Premium Beautiful does not only shaping your body; its high quality fabric material can also helps healthy blood circulation, increase metabolism and helps slimming effectively due the Far Infrared Rays (F.I.R) is woven into the fabric of highest quality.

Please refer the below illustration picture for the better understanding of FIR... :-)


Do you know who is the Market's Target of Premium Beautiful? YES... you are absolutely right! WOMEN!!!!

Malaysia Statistics (as of May 2014):

No of Malaysia's Resident : 29,999,530 (nearly 30 mil)
No of Women in Malaysia : 19 million

Wow!!!! it's amazing.. 19 million my friend!!! It is just at Malaysia... not in the world! Meaning that, I have 19 million prospects in this business. If I can take 10% of 19 million, it just good enough because I will have 19,000 women to approach to... huhi... :-) Interesting isn't it?


It's ONLINE!!!! For the busy mummy like me, this method is really helpful. Why???? Because, I just need to do it at home OR at my very sweet time.... Sound weird???? Of course NOT! I still can generate money 5 minutes before going to bed.... huhi... NO Closing time! No public holidays! Every single seconds; my business will be ON....  NO need to run the business like the conventional one... Revenue come everyday.... Wow... really ENJOY it !!!


You MUST choose the BEST group to join to ensure your successful in business.

You MUST choose the RIGHT group & mentor to ensure your business move forward... 
(source :

Do you know that GLAM is a PIONEER IN ONLINE MARKETING in Malaysia?

Do you know that GLAM is responsible for the revolution in the way network marketing perform in Malaysia...

Do you know that GLAM is the one who put PREMIUM BEAUTIFUL in Google...

Wow... wow... wow.... and the foremost reason is... GLAM is the one who sincerely develop NEW entrepreneur in social network marketing from ZERO to HERO without any charges!!!!

That is Why I choose GLAM!!!!

My TRULY respect to the founder of GLAM ... CDM Hanis Haizi & CDM Razali Zain.

OK all... done my sharing of the subject matter. 

company ; product; market; business team and business method -> are 5 important reason why I am choosing PREMIUM BEAUTIFUL CORSET as my subject to sell & to build networking!

You... you and you also can be part of me....  selling this HOT stuff and get at least 4 figures income monthly... working from home at your very sweet time... NO BOSS... NO STRESS... BIG MONEY!!!

Buzz me at this number... 0137461811... I can be reached by phone call, sms or whats app... :-)...

see you soon... Luv,

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