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September Free Trip Part 2 By Fadzlina Rahman

September Free Trip Part 2 By Fadzlina Rahman

Hi dear... still waits for the continuity of the Part 1 Story at Shanghai? Thank you dear for the loyalties.... muahhhh.....

Here you are.... The following pic was the Day 2 tentative... Lalala... I was very excited!!!

Day 2 Tentative Program

 Great Things Happen When People Get Together!!! The word is really GREAT! It is TRUE also.. I love the words.. It can be Quotes also... Can be fine at the reception area of the hotel...

We have breakfast at Level 3 of the hotel... It was so great having breakfast with all friends... Even though we are only side lines... but, we are very close. We inspired each other with words and achievements.

Breakfast Day 2
See... me in front of the Radisson Blu Hotel, Shanghai....  Ready to shop... shop... shop.... until drop!

Radisson Blu Hotel
At about 9.00 am; all of us get in to our bus to go to The Bund of Shanghai... It was really good because The Bund was at The Old Shanghai... It is nearby the Mother River of Shanghai which divided Shanghai into Old and New Shanghai.... :-)

In the bus, we was given Yuan 50 for shopping. It was really amazed me. The trip was not just free... but, we also got money to shop! Unbelievable! But it was TRUE!

Duit Shopping!!!
We have such a "sporting" group members. We called it Dollies of Shanghai... Hehehe...

Look at our happy faces.... 

You can see New Shanghai as our background pictures.

Dollies with Mummy Hanis

 Me and Hanis during the trip.... She really inspired me... 

Me and Mummy Hanis

After enjoying our day at The Bund... we visited Tian Huan Silk Factory... We were briefed about silk and how it produced. So awesome.... I like...

I bought a scaft for my beloved mom.... Hope, she will fine with the gift.

Me in front of Silk Factory

  We have a lunch right after silk's shopping... Of course at the Islamic Restaurant... Alhamdullillah... The taste was good also...

Me in front of the restaurant

We performed Solah after having a nice lunch... We went to Xiao Tao Yuan Masjed in Shanghai Town....:)

After having lunch, we went to A.P Plaza. A.P Plaza is Pudong's biggest "Fake Market" located underground in Metro Line 2's Science & Technology Museum Station. I noticed that they will put higher price on their goods. We need to bargain hard to get the "best" price. Its quite challenging also.... I bought many souvenirs here for friends and colleagues....

AP Plaza Pic from Google
Parts of the souveniors for friends & relatives
We shops until late evening... hehehe.... Shops Until Drops!!!

Then, we need to rush for a Cruise Ride at Shanghai Huangpu River...  So many people participants in the rides. 

You can see the TV Tower (Pearl Oriental Tower) will change color. Its so beautiful sight seeing Shanghai during night. You shall experience by yourself also... :-)) 

Cruise Ride
Me & Mummy Hanis during the River Ride

After cruising, we went back to hotel... for sleep... :)) So tired... & We need to prepare ourselves for tomorrow's activities...

Hmmm.... I curious the big population in Shanghai. Its so compact & the houses also so expensive. There are NO terrace houses... All high rise... :-))... You know the price? The price is about Yuan 40 Thousand per square feet. Hmmm... so expensive! 

Syukurlah, kita di Malaysia... sangat makmur and the houses also are sell at the reasonable price... :-))

High Rise

OK dear.. enough for the time being about my free trip Part 2... InsyaAllah, the Part 3 will be coming out soon... As of today, enjoy your reading yer... Bye...


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