Wednesday, March 6, 2013

How to measure your Premium Beautiful Corset size?

Why need to measure? Hmmm.... a very straight forward answer... Because God create us Unique and every women have different types of body....

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Therefore, we need 4 measurements to determine correct Premium Beautiful Size for you....

Measurement #1 : Bust

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Measurement #2 : Underbust

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Measurement #3 : Waist

Measurement #4 : Hips

Google Pic

Google Pic

 Thus, please ensure the following before you measure:

- all measurements must be in centimeter (cm)
- keep the measure tape snug but not too tight
- standing up straight

Easy isn't it....if you are still not sure how to measure the PB size... I can measure it for you... Call/text to 0137461811 to book for appointment.

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