Hi... my name is Nor Fadzlina Abd Rahman. You can call me Fazz, Lina, Fadzlina... My mom call me kakak... that is because I am the one and only girl in my family...

I just met Hanis Haizi on December 2012... Fall in love with her vision and mission in life... I also join her in this business... Hope that I will be like her one day... She has passion in what she does... That enough to make me admirer her a lot.

Just be my partner... to make my dreams come through... so do you... let us work together as one TEAM.. one GOAL...

Leave your message at 0137461811

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  1. Ass..pakabar sy mau beli minyak gammat di batam ini no hp sy 0811693698 Dg lastri

  2. hi dear,
    mau beli minyak gamat dalam kuantiti yang bagaimana sis? boleh saja.


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