Thursday, December 19, 2013

Cuti-cuti Malaysia di LANGKAWI


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Recent our Cuti-cuti Malaysia was at Pulau Langkawi, Kedah. Our last trip was on 2006 where 4 of us plus Tok Mak (Tok Mak, Husband, Me, Ameera and Aneesa) went there.
Last time, we were staying at Johore and we went to Langkawi to and fro by flight.

This time, our trip consist of 7 (Tok Mak, Husband, Me, Ameera, Aneesa, Aleeya and Aqeela)... Wow... I just realize that I have close to a BIG FAMILY... hehee... Syukur... We went there by flight... Just imagine the excitement of my princesses... They are so happy. Giving Aleeya and Aqeela first experience flying in the air... by flight... yuhu...

The first ever vacation after we have migrated to Kuala Lumpur... :-)) 

Actually, the vacation is so sudden. We never planned before. Working as a Manager Commercial, Marketing and Sites give me less time to think about me myself... 

Our flight reach Pulau Langkawi at 08.25 pm. Our Livina waited us there. The Livina will bring us everwhere, anywhere at Langkawi.

The 'ROAP' committee gives us a very reasonable rental rate.... Its so happy knowing 'ROAP' people there.

We drove to Aseana Resorts & SPA  to put our luggage there and went out again for dinner.

picture from google:
address aseana resorts & spa :

Simpang Tiga, Jalan Pantai Tengah,
Mk. Kedawang, 07100, Langkawi,
Kedah Darul Aman, Malaysia.
Our first ever dinner was at Kedai Makan Haji Ramli at Pantai Chenang. Taste of the food were good. We don't care about the price because our goal is just to release all the tense and to have a very GOOD QUALITY TIME WITH OUR KIDS. Money won't bother us... huhu

We end our day 1 at Langkawi Island by returned to Aseana Resorts & SPA for a good rest to have a happening and more enjoyable activity tomorrow.... 

kita sambung lagi cerita esok yer sebab nak masuk kerja dah nih.... :-))

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